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Overseas Will - Expat WillsOverseas Will

It is important for Expats to make a Will, particularly if you have assets or property in the UK.
If you die without a Will, under UK law you die ‘intestate’ and your assets will be distributed according to the law of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Wills for Expats with UK assets
  • Option 1. Expat Overseas Will. You can make a Will in the country that you live in to cover UK assets. Provided the country and legal system that you live in has signed up to Hague Convention on Wills, it will be accepted in the UK subject to the necessary Apostilles seal, confirming it complies with the Hague International Convention.
  • Option 2. Make an Expat UK Will. We can draft a UK Will for either your UK assets only or your assets around the World. Your UK assets will be covered by the Will and again, provided that the country that you live in or have others assets or property in, is party to the Hague International Convention on Wills then this UK Will suffice.
Wills for Expats with no UK Assets
  • We suggest you make a Will locally. 

If you would like some help with setting up a overseas will, contact us.