Malaysia Expat Advice

Malaysia Expat AdviceMalaysia Expat Investment and Pension Advice.

Local rules in Malaysia prevent non-Malaysian registered companies from arranging things like mortgages.

Even if you have a property in the UK on a buy to let mortgage, you will find it extremely difficult to get a UK mortgage firm to even consider giving you a mortgage or remortgage on the UK property.

Make sure you take expat investment and financial advice before you go to Malaysia.

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  • Investments
  • Offshore Savings
  • Tax
  • Self assessment on UK properties
  • Currency exchange
  • Expat financial planning
For many, it may even mean a trip back to the UK to sort out your finances, as many investment companies will not even accept an application form that has been signed whilst you are in Malaysia.  Investments firms are literally wary of breaking any local Malaysian rules.